Arched Blinds & Angled Blinds

Product Specifications

This window covering purchase is custom made and therefore cannot be returned. Blind Corners & Curves, Inc. retrofits standard rectangular blinds for specialty-shaped windows from Hunter Douglas as well as a variety of other manufacturers. No endorsement from any manufacturer is intended or implied. The original manufacturer's warranty will be void during retrofit process. For any questions regarding operation, service or warranty, please call 303-755-5000.
PAYMENT TERMS Payment in full is required upon placement of order. Orders must be paid by check or credit card with authorization on file.
STANDARD FEATURES Valance color will coordinate with blind color. A white or cream valance option is available at no additional cost. Blinds raise and lower with a lift cord using a cord cleat tie-off system. The lift cord color is white.
MOUNTING REQUIREMENTS Specialty shapes are generally best installed flush-mounted (inside mount) towards the room side of the window frame. Outside mount applications are generally not recommended and may require fabrication approval.
FLUSH MOUNTING DEPTH For flush mounting, add approximately 3/8" to the original manufacturer’s Flush Mounting Depth specification.
STACK HEIGHT Stack height on blinds will vary depending upon size and slope of window, as well as material selection. Top-Compressing Blinds (Angled Blinds): To determine stack height, add approximately 2" to the original manufacturer’s stack height specifications. The valance for a Top-Compressing Blind is approximately 3". The valance is intended to cover the headrail, and may not cover the entire stack of material. Bottom-Compressing Blinds (Top Down including Arches): Stack height for a Bottom-Compressing Blind will be 3" or more depending upon the length of the window being covered. Stack height will increase by 2" or more from the original manufacturer’s stack height specifications, and will vary depending upon shape of blind and material selected. If a blind is to compress below eye level, a top cover covering the top of the blind stack is available at no additional cost.
FIXED-POSITION BLINDS Fixed-Position Specialty-Shaped Blinds are available in virtually all shapes and are priced in the same manner as an operable Specialty-Shaped Blind.
SUPPORT & GUIDE CORDS Guide cords will be used on certain specialty-shaped windows. In many applications, only one set of guides may be necessary per blind. When more than one set is necessary, the fewest number will be used. The number of guides and guide cord positioning will be determined during fabrication.
PRODUCT INSTALLATION Detailed installation instructions are shipped with all blinds. With all Specialty-Shaped Blinds, adjustments and field modification may be required during installation.
OPERATION & FUNCTION Specialty-Shaped Blinds should be raised and lowered on a regular basis. Bottom-compressing blinds may require being “released” while lowering from approximately the halfway position to allow the blind to completely compress. If a bottom-compressing blind is left in the extended position for a prolonged period of time, the blind may need to be manually compressed. Specialty-Shaped Blinds may come into contact with the window frame during operation. If this is noticed during installation and is a concern, a protective trim piece may be installed for the protection of the window frame.

CHILD SAFETY Cord cleats are used with every application, and it is required that cords and the positioning of cord cleats must always be placed out of the reach of children.
CARE & CLEANING Follow all care and cleaning instructions provided by original manufacturer. Specialty-Shaped Blinds may require additional care when handling and cleaning.
CONDITIONS OF SALE Order will be based upon your final written instructions. Please confirm any items that are not clear at the time of order. This is a custom order. Blind Corners & Curves, INC. is not responsible in any way for measurement or template inaccuracies when supplied by Customer. Once production has begun, the order may not be able to be modified. Unless otherwise specified, order will be processed using industry standard options, allowances and deductions, which are subject to change without prior notice. Original manufacturer’s warranty will be void during retrofit process. Customer understands that they are solely responsible for appropriateness and final selection of products, colors, styles, and materials. Product availability and product specifications are subject to change at any time and without notice. In the event BCC is not able to retrofit a customer’s own material (COM) blind supplied by Customer, our only obligation will be to refund amount for retrofitting, NOT the cost of blind which was provided by Customer for retrofit.
INHERENT CHARACTERISTICS AND CONSIDERATIONS The following are inherent characteristics of and considerations for Specialty-Shaped window coverings retrofit and fabricated by Blind Corners & Curves, INC.: Variances in the contour of the blind and light gaps may occur in an irregular fashion at varying points along the window. Distribution of pleats may vary along the length of a blind, and blinds on adjacent windows may have varying pleat-count distribution. Permanent creasing and wrinkling of blind material may occur. Support rods and other product features may “show through” blind material during high sun times of the day. Dye-lot variances in materials and hardware differences may occur. Depending upon size and shape of blind, a valance may be spliced into one or more sections.